Social Media and Its Impact on Secularism in Society

  • Sheikh Adnan Ahmed Usmani, Mr.
  • Zainab Akmal


Recent works on social media and religion have paid particular attention to the role of social media in the development of religious values, improvement of social values and gratification of faith-based content by using various methodologies. This research paper is a quantitative research, evaluating the use of social media by the youth and how does it affect their approach towards the Islamic ideology and Secularism. Social media is used extensively by a lot of people, with the majority being youth. The thought process takes a great chunk of its evolution from whatever mind accepts from the social media. Social media has a lot of unscreened information and misinformation which comes from the people of all the religious groups and backgrounds, when mixing together, they leave the young and tender minds vexed. In this article, it is asserted that social media has a great impact on society specially in the development of secular society. The article demonstrates the quantitative link between social media and religion on one hand and a link between all social media platforms and the emergence of secularism on the other.

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