Classical and Modern Books Authored on Tadlīs (misrepresentation by the narrators of Hadith) and its people: Inductive and Descriptive Study

الكتبُ المؤلَّفةُ في "التَّدليس" و"المدلِّسين" قديماً وحديثاً دراسةٌ استقرائيةٌ وصفيةٌ

  • Dr. Syed Abdul Majid Ghouri


Tadlīs is considered as one of the important topics in the sciences of Ḥadīth (ꜤUlūm alḤadīth) wherein it is determined whether Ḥadīth is Ṣaḥīḥ or ḌaꜤīf. It refers to an act of concealment committed by a narrator to hide a defect in sanad (line of narrators) and enhance its apparent view. Tadlīs was defined by the scholars of Ḥadīth, including the earlier ones and the recent ones, in their Ḥadīth studies and even explained its types and applicable ruling to each type. Some of the scholars even dedicated few books about the names of the narrators who committed Tadlīs with their short biographies. Considering the importance of the topic of Tadlīs in the studies of Ḥadīth and the need of the researchers to know what has been authored in this field and to know about those people were subject of discussion in those books, the researcher aims to conduct an inductive and descriptive study by covering all those books, whether they are in print form, manuscript or lost, with an explanation about the features of each of them. The researcher arrived at important conclusions which can be summarized as: the stalwarts of Ḥadīth have given special care to the topic of Tadlīs in their books related to Ḥadīth sciences. Some of the scholars even dedicated their books to the names and short biographies of those narrators who were suspected of committing Tadlīs. Some of these discussions were very concise and some of the books, especially the contemporary, were expanded and detailed. Writings of the earlier scholars are available in the print form, some of them are still in the manuscript, and some of them were lost. Knowledge of these books will assist the researchers in the field of Ḥadīth to expand in the field via research and study. Further, these books will provide them with a lot of information and benefits which are not available in some of the other common books.

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Ghouri, D. S. A. M. (2021). Classical and Modern Books Authored on Tadlīs (misrepresentation by the narrators of Hadith) and its people: Inductive and Descriptive Study. The Islamic Culture "As-Saqafat-Ul Islamia" الثقافة الإسلامية - Research Journal - Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Karachi, 45(1).